Arouse your sense of taste and smell with this journey into darkness.


Chapel Street’s PROVOCARE in partnership with Lime & Tonic, have created a dining event which will set your palate alight!

Dinner in the Dark will take you through a three course journey of food and wine, created by Chef Adrian Li of Chapel Street’s Saigon Sally, and Queen of Desserts Christy Tania of Masterchef fame.

The secret location will be revealed 24 hours before the event begins, and your senses will skyrocket the moment you walk through the door.

Any special dietary requirements can be catered for if notification is received more than seven days before the event.

  • Be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine.
  • Enjoy three spectacular courses, designed to delight & paired perfectly with matching wine.
  • Experience a night of dining, provocation, challenge and arousal where dinner meets art.
  • Send us your dietary requirements, including vegetarian needs, at least one week before the event so that we can cater to you.

You and your guests are in for a night of culinary adventure with PROVOCARÉ™ – Dinner in the Dark. In partnership with Lime&Tonic the dinner will be held in a secret location off Chapel Street, you will receive clues 24 hours before the event on how to get there

But the evening really begins when you’re seated in your private dining room — blindfolded! The night will consist of a delicious entrée and main course by renowned chef, Adrian Li of Saigon Sally and a delectable dessert by Christy Tania of MasterChef fame. With wines to match each course (alternatively soft drinks and beer are also available), you are in for a fun night of dining!

Each course will be led by a sensory-driven response that will have your taste buds guessing and sharpening those gustatory senses. The moment you take your first taste you’ll begin guessing flavour combinations and enjoying some truly delicious cuisine.

This is a social night which will have you more than just sharing tables and food. It’s an opportunity to really unplug yourself and engage with good food and good company!

Adrian Li

Adrian Li’s hospitality background started at the award-winning kitchen of Donovan restaurant – touted as a culinary boy wonder (with no previous kitchen experience, coming from IT) now respected by his chef peers as a success who mans not one, but two kitchens at both the trendy Saigon Sally and Tokyo Tina restaurants in Windsor, the latest foodie hotspot in Melbourne.
A previous MasterChef Australia mentor, Adrian’s Li is unassuming, knowledgeable, witty and connected – to his roots, to the social and local food scenes, and to the world which comes out in the creativity in his dishes. A benefit, which is evident in the ever growing line of punters queued outside his restaurants

Christy Tania

Christy Tania is an internationally acclaimed pastry and dessert chef. Classically trained in France for advanced Pastry Art at L’Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Patisserie, Christy has worked in numerous fine dining restaurants around the world. In Australia, Christy has graced the kitchens at the coveted three hat restaurant Vue de Monde, Sake and head chef at the only dessert-themed 5 star Boutique Hotel in Australia, Om Nom Kitchen and Dessert Bar, at the Adelphi Hotel In 2014 Christy was the youngest Pastry Chef Judge to appear on the highly appraised MasterChef Australia TV series. The show cemented her position within Australia as a force to be reckoned with in the future of Australia’ gastronomy field and she continues to make guest chef appearances each season.